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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Two by PERRIN BRIAR


What a delightful introductory episode! A talented actor who keeps missing out on the Breakthrough Part, and his nearly pathetic, self-destructive sister, in need of only 8 simple days to access their parent's trust fund. Seems so easy--except Dear Mum has just kicked off, eight days before the trust's seventh anniversary, and so, eight days before the trust us legally in their hands. Oh me, oh my, what's a debtor to do?

I found this story uproarious, and I'm eager to see how Peter and Kate deal with "keeping Mum alive," at least officially.


A very in-depth character study and sociological microcosm analysis in a fast-paced and scary episode. After four ugly prison years Tony 's going straight--and better than just straight, he's got big plans to help his Gypsy community: literacy, education, learning trade skills. But crime boss Stivie thinks not: he 'll put Tony to work in a new scam, and that way Tony can pay off his missing brother's debt to the crime czar

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: HORRORSTOR bynGrady Hendrix

The most delightful horrific, spooky, haunting and haunted story--I can't praise it enough! Multiple layers of spookiness, genuine human interaction and integrity against a backdrop of corporate greed, marketing jargon, and retail insanity. Plucky heroine Amy often misunderstands, economically travels in circles instead of reaching the brass ring, and is socially inept; but by golly, her moral fibre is bedrock!

Come visit Cleveland's most haunted Ikea knock-off, and hopefully you may live to tell of your experiences. Or not.

I reviewed a digital ARC provided via Edelweiss Reviewers, but I definitely will purchase this book.

Review: THE LAST MILE by Tim Waggoner. RELEASE DAY

REVIEW:  THE LAST MILE by Tim Waggoner

A lovely new vision of TEOTWAWKI (The End of The World As We Know It),  THE LAST MILE is tautly written, excited, creative, imaginatively detailed. Graphic, gory and deliciously horrible, this story brings new twists to the tropes "Eye in the Sky," and "Cherchez last Femme."

Monday, October 20, 2014

Review: THE RED MAGICIAN by Lisa Goldstein. RELEASE DAY


A heartwrenching tale of the long reach of the Holocaust, told from the perspective of an adolescent girl in a small community not quite Polish or Czech or Hungarian, a town whose rabbi curses the school and instructors for teaching Hebrew, the Holy Tongue.  Kicsi dreams of far-flung locales with exotic names and equally exotic cultures; and as the Nazi madness affects a continent, the magical transient Voros appears.


REVIEW:  THE VINES by Christopher Rice

I was tremendously eager to read THE VINES, as Christopher Rice' s earlier book, THE HEAVENS RISE, had left such an endearing and enduring impression on me. My anticipation was fully justified;  THE VINES is every bit as incredibly Supernaturally edifying, and educating, as its predecessor. I felt I walked the paths the characters trod, both in the present day and in the bloody mid-19th century. With them, I marveled in awe and wriggled in fright at.the various momentous Supernatural occurrences. And I roiled in anger at the many crimes of the recent past and present, as well as the inhuman 19th century treatment of the slaves. I closed the book, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually satiated.

Review: 11 HARROWHOUSE by Gerald Browne. RELEASE DAY

REVIEW:  11 HARROWHOUSE by Gerald Browne

I surprised myself at how very much I enjoyed reading this book, from the very first page right through to  the end. Usually I ignore books with romantic overtones---and the core of this is an obsessive, doomed, love affair--yet I found 11 HARROWHOUSE enormously engaging, a real thriller.



A 13-entry collection of the literary and subtly horrific, stories in which you may find yourself stepping  back and re-reading passages:  "Did I really just read that?" all the while rethinking your view of reality.

OPERATION CHIMERA by Matthew Cox and Tony Healey Tour: Excerpt


Operation Chimera, by Matthew Cox and Tony Healey


Genre: science-fiction, action-adventure


Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press


Date of Publication: October 20, 2014.


Cover Artist: Ricky Gunawan (






Generations of war with the savage Draxx have left humanity desperate for a way to gain the upper hand.


A chance to turn the tide in their favor is all legendary Captain Nicholas Driscoll needs to hear to lead an expedition behind enemy lines to the Chimera Nebula - a region of space so unstable it remains largely uncharted.


Lieutenant Michael Summers sees an opportunity to matter, a chance to let future generations exist in a universe without constant war. He and other brave young cadets join the Manhattan for its first dangerous mission - to penetrate the Chimera Nebula and discover what it is the Draxxare doing in there.


But first the ship and her crew will be tested by enemies both outside and within…





About Matthew Cox:


Born in a little town known as South Amboy NJ in 1973, Matthew has been creating science fiction and fantasy worlds for most of his reasoning life. Somewhere between fifteen to eighteen of them spent developing the world in which Division Zero, Virtual Immortality, and The Awakened Series take place. He has several other projects in the works as well as a collaborative science fiction endeavor with author Tony Healey.


Hobbies and Interests: Matthew is an avid gamer, a recovered WoW addict, Gamemaster for two custom systems (Chronicles of Eldrinaath [Fantasy] and Divergent Fates [Sci Fi], and a fan of anime, British humour (<- deliberate), and intellectual science fiction that questions the nature of reality, life, and what happens after it. He is also fond of cats.

Find Matthew Cox Online:

Website ( | Facebook( Twitter( Goodreads(


About Tony Healey:

Tony Healey is a best-selling independent author. Born in 1985, he has lived his entire life in the city of Brighton, UK.

In 2011, he found his fiction published alongside Harlan Ellison and Alan Dean Foster. A year later, his sci-fi serial FAR FROM HOME became a best-selling sensation, followed by similarly successful sequels. Since then he has collaborated with authors Bernard Schaffer, Matthew Cox and William Vitka on various projects. He has also had work published by Curiosity Quills Press. He is married and has three daughters.

For the latest on Tony's various projects, visit his site

Find Tony Healey Online:

Website ( | Facebook( Twitter( | Goodreads

Chapter 1

Hope, dreams, and regret hung thick in the air, mixed with the antiseptic scent of new membranes in the atmosphere scrubbers. Lieutenant Michael Summers, duffel slung over his left shoulder, trudged along the steel-blue corridors of Horizon Station. All around him, the air vibrated with the din of activity and near-tangible presence of people. Small children, too young to comprehend where their older siblings were going, darted among a crowd visible through the doors at the end of the hallway.

A few others walked in the same direction, clad in the same white uniform of a newly minted officer. In two years of Academy, they never had managed to give him one that fit. At least this time―when he was taking a trip he might not return from―they finally got his size right.

Two Milsec soldiers snapped to attention and saluted as he reached the door they flanked. Arc plasma rifles clicked against pale grey armor-covered legs. Michael returned their salute as he passed out of a narrow, inclined hallway and into wide-open concourse. Ordinarily, shuttle departure platforms were off-limits to civilians; given the nature of the day, however, command had given a pass to immediate family. Captain Driscoll, the officer in command of his new assignment, had personally approved it. That order alone had earned him much respect among a crew he had not yet seen face-to-face. Even his name evoked a sense of mythical awe; some of the stories that filtered through the Academy about him seemed like the sort of thing that got wilder with each retelling.

On Michael’s left, a row of stairways led up to where sixteen shuttles perched just inside atmospheric retention fields. Four inches of energy separated the air in here from the vacuum-darkness of space, and made the front ends of the loaf-shaped craft glow azure. Large view panels and a sloped, flat front end made the shuttles look like oversized minivans, only on struts and pads rather than wheels. Plain white, their only adornments were the large TDF logo on the side near the rear and the various red and yellow arrows painted here and there to indicate important panels and “no step” locations. Michael spent a moment observing flight crews scurrying about to prep the shuttles: silver hoses loaded electrogel, tech carts connected to the avionics systems ran diagnostics, and shuttle pilots worked through their preflight checklists. The chemical reek from the e-gel whipped by on a frigid breeze; the air chilled by the vacuum outside the atmo-fields created a strong gust that clung low to the deck. Michael gave the hoses a wary glance and sped up. E-gel went from semi-liquid to pure energy in the power cores of ships too small for dedicated reactors, but it also had violent tendencies when exposed to air. If something went wrong, he did not want to be anywhere nearby.

Toward the station-side wall, several columns ringed with comm terminals bore the brunt of the crowd. Individuals whose families could not make the trip in person crowded around them, while closer to the departure shuttles a mass of sobbing mothers tried without success to change the minds of their sons and daughters.

As if it was that easy. Michael chuckled to himself.

He turned on his heel and joined the shortest line. His mom would not be able to get here all the way from the colony on Bophor; her arrival at the graduation ceremony last week had been an unexpected surprise.

The minutes ticked by. Two small boys ran circles around his line, oblivious to the emotion in the air and content to publicize their boredom by running around and screaming. One despondent person at a time, the line moved; with each departing individual, he inched closer. The last man in front of him had it out with his pregnant wife―she did not approve of his volunteering for service on the Manhattan. When all the guilt she flung at him failed to erase his signed contract, she hung up in a huff. The man sighed, let his head bonk into the terminal, and took a deep breath. He turned; from his blue coveralls, he appeared to be one of the flight support crew.

At the sight of Michael, he snapped a quick salute. “Morning, sir.”

“Airman,” said Michael with a nod.

They pivoted to slide past each other. Michael wondered why a man with a baby on the way would have volunteered for such a risky deployment. Those questions were not his business, but he gave the crewman a confident nod and a pat on the arm.

“For what it’s worth, we’ll all do everything possible to make sure you get home to her.”

“Thank you, sir.” The airman smiled through his nerves and saluted.

Except for the shimmering green logo of the Trans-Gal system, the otherwise dark screen caught a weak reflection of Michael’s head. Shaved on the sides, his flat top lived up to its name. The idea he was now out of Academy and could let it grow a little brought a half-smile, though his dreadlock days were long gone. He swiped at the terminal, brushing the star-map to the side with several passes of his hand until the pale cream-colored dot where his mother lived came into view.

Planet Bophor zoomed in to fill the entire screen after he tapped it. The surface moved in a slow spin to the left, threads of cottony clouds drifted in the opposite direction to the planet’s rotation. At the bottom, a black rectangle appeared with a faint green line through the center.

Michael cleared his throat and addressed the screen. “Initiate outbound. Colony TZ-B11. Khana Marie Summers.”



This is satisfying science fiction! I mean that in the very best way. You can dissolve into this glorious novel like a bee is enfolded in a flower, with immediate suspension of disbelief, totally involved in this very different universe. Peter F. Hamilton's imagination is vast; I could reread multiple times and always find something new. I can't praise this novel, its series, or its author highly enough, ever.

Review/Release Day: THE WIDOW SMALLS AND OTHER STORIES by Jamie Lee Forbes


I think that since about 1970, the public perception of agriculture has been one of Big Agro vs. the ever-decreasing traditional family farms, with a smattering of crime: fraud, murder, sneaky bankers--tossed in for prurient sensationalism. Jamie Lisa Forbes however puts farming characters under a laser scope, and here her characters, more than the land or the economy, are the stories.

Sunday, October 19, 2014



The Gateway Through Which They Came, by Heather Marie


Genre: young-adult, paranormal-horror


Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press


Date of Publication: August 25, 2014


Cover Artist: Ricky Gunawan

About The Gateway Through Which They Came:

To seventeen-year-old Aiden Ortiz, letting the dead walk through his body to reach the other side comes with the territory—the territory of being a Gateway. It’s hard enough doing the exchange, sending even one Bleeder away without being seen, but when Koren Banks—his childhood friend and the girl who went mysteriously missing seven months ago—comes back into his life, the Bleeders begin seeking him out in droves.

When confronted by a Dark One, a Bleeder gone rogue, Aiden finds himself infected with an evil inside of him that wants nothing more than to be released. Fighting the urge to let the darkness consume him, Aiden realizes that not only does the Gateway send things away—it also bringsthings back. But who the other Gateway is summoning these shadowed beings is just another item on the list. A list that continues to grow more complicated by the day.

As the infection begins to take form—bringing to life a monster daring to claw its way out—Aiden seeks guidance to learn the truth of the man responsible for his curse. The Dark Priest whose resurrection has reformed the Brethren of Shadows; a group of men and women who seek a life full of Darkness, and thrive for the reign of their Dark Priest to lead them once again.

With his trusted protector guiding him, a local priest named Father Martin, Aiden soon discovers that he isn’t just another Gateway like his fellow brothers—but a Mortal Gateway created by the blood of a human and an Original—making him far more vulnerable to the energy of the Dark Priest and the power he offers. But what he asks of Aiden in return could mean the death of them all, humans and Gateways alike. The choice should be easy for any Gateway, but the manipulative beast thriving inside of Aiden proves otherwise.

With Koren and his two best friends, Trevor and Evan, by his side, Aiden fights to rid the world of the evil that’s been released by the Dark Priest, while saving the girl he loves from her haunting past. Time is running out, and Aiden must find and stop the Gateway that’s releasing the Shadows into the world. As if that task alone isn’t enough, Aiden may be the only one capable of abolishing the Dark Priest and his Order before he finds himself consumed into a world of evil—and before the monster lurking inside Aiden takes control.

Find The Gateway Through Which They Came Online:

Goodreads | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Kobo




About Heather Marie:

Heather Marie lives in Northern California with her incredibly hard working husband, whom she loves ridiculous amounts. When she isn’t writing, she spends majority of her time readingor planning her next Harry Potter marathon. Heather has always been a fan of the darker side of things most people shy away from. With her love for the classic Universal Monsters, and the slasher films she watched throughout her childhood, she found herself fascinated by the macabre.

Though she hopes to expand her work to YA dark contemporary in the future, Heather considers herself a writer of stories that showcase the unknown, and at times, the harshness that is reality. She adores her troubled characters and her ghostly fiends, creating worlds that are both strange and beautiful. All of this with a healthy dose of romance, of course.

Her debut, THE GATEWAY THROUGH WHICH THEY CAME, is a YA supernatural horror due to be released from Curiosity Quills, Summer 2014.

Find Heather Marie Online:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Tumblr